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Sexologist speaks



Dr Gabrielle Morrissey. Dr Gabrielle Morrissey.

RENOWNED sexologist and relationship expert Gabrielle Morrissey explains the science of love and attraction at Scitech next month.

At the adults-only After Dark event, she will discuss why certain people are drawn to one another, covering topics of science versus nature, the notion of opposites attracting, and love maps; maps in our brains charting the type of people we desire.

“There are a lot of levels of attraction,” Dr Morrissey said. “In science, there are always conflicting results.”

The Queensland-based doctor, author and mother-of-two began her career in sex therapy 20 years ago, starting in sexual health education before moving on to relationships.

“Our sexuality, which includes our relationships, is a fundamental aspect of who we are,” Dr Morrissey said.

 “We think about it every day – how we dress, how we flirt. If you’re single, you’re thinking about it a lot, and if you’re coupled up it’s part of your life.”

Dr Morrissey said the Scitech session was not an academic conference but rather a fun way for people to ask questions of a professional.

“It’s a shame this information only stays in academic circles,” Dr Morrissey said.

“It isn’t innate knowledge we’re born with. It is in the sense of reproduction. But we’re complicated human beings. ”

The event in West Perth takes place October 9. Tickets are $10 through BOCS or $14 at the door.

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